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The current business world is conditioned by variables, factors and players that surpass its market borders. Thus, it is impossible to think of sound growing strategies without considering the complexity of its environment and opportunities.

Further on® is a Foreign Trade consulting firm and its work team is convinced that the best long-term growing strategy is one that seeks to diversify markets, products and services, with corporate internationalization as one of the most challenging proposals.

Corporate internationalization is a complex process requiring specific knowledge about Market Research, Public and Private International Law, Finance, Pricing Strategies development on a global scale and basically foreign trade operations. Yet, there is nothing like the knowledge gained through experience. That is why the Further on® team works in close and mutual collaboration with each company to help them gain experience in the different markets.

Our Values are Ethics, Professionalism, Confidentiality and Commitment. Our main asset is the proactive and multidisciplinary work team that we form for each of the projects entrusted to us.

Our Mision It is to help those who trust us to develop a feasible and promising growth strategy, both locally and internationally.


Further on® is a Consulting Firm specialized in Foreign Trade. Our team has the necessary Know-how to help our clients build fruitful internationalization and/or diversification strategies.

Our main task is to safely help micro-entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies develop such strategies in order to build on their growth. We know that not all companies have qualified staff, and that developing a foreign trade department is costly and time consuming. Our main objective is to provide advice in all internationalization stages, transmitting our experience and knowledge about each market and industry, so that your company may, in due time, develop its own Foreign Trade department and consolidate its presence in other markets by building strategic alliances or setting up subsidiary companies.

The Further on® team works together with your company. Our Project Leaders work with the people in charge of each company area, thus fostering communication interchange and advising each party so that each company may develop the best business.

Unlike other consulting firms which only provide advice on trade operations, the Further on® team accompanies clients ever since the preliminary stage. This means that we outline the strategy that best adapts to each company, analyze the best destinations, look for the best business partners and develop the most suitable markets for each business abroad.

We are aware of the different realities of each particular company, so the projects and the objectives are set out according to each firm. A work team made up of specialists with broad experience in the areas each particular project needs is built for each project. A Leader is in charge of each project, acting as the direct liaison between your company and Further on®.

Our main work Areas include:


The Further on® team provides its full experience when it comes to thinking of the best internationalization strategy for the company, helping with internationalization cost breakdown and market and product analysis, and searching for the best business partner in the target market.


All the commercial network of Further on® and its business representations are available in different markets so that local companies may consider to expand their business either with new products or by developing new business units related to the industry.

To successfully achieve this goal, Further on® is ready to help companies analyze the target market and provide strategic advice, design marketing plans and strategies, build a commercial network, and recruit and train their sales force. All of this supported by the experience and know-how gained from other markets.


The Further on® team attends different international congresses and takes part in a variety of trade missions representing different companies with different products.

In addition, Further on® has business representations of exclusive proprietary top-of-the-line products. Its entire representation portfolio features outstanding, differentiated, top-quality products.


The most important part in business internationalization or diversification is control and follow-up; and distances and the particular features of each market make it essential to have local and professional assistance available.

The Further on® team not only works in close relationship with the person in charge of each corporate area, but it pays regular visits to each partner as well.

The purpose of this job is to harmonize marketing strategies, to comply with the communication messages set out by the companies, to adapt marketing and pricing strategies to the different features of each market and its regulations, and to ensure fulfillment of the prescribed forecasts. We also devote to training the local sales force and to developing medical information pieces and visits to specialists and opinion leaders of each speciality, so that companies may also profit from the information related to each market.


The product may be the best and the strategy may be excellent, but if it does not adapt to the particular features of each country, both in terms of regulations and culture, the attempt to sell products in other markets may fail.

Thus, it is important to make the right choice regarding who to build a business alliance with, and to be well-advised in each aspect of the project.

In this sense, the Further on® team accompanies clients all the way from target market selection to strategy development, partner selection, contract negotiation, business implementation and later follow-up in the target market.


Each company has its own characteristics, its own style; therefore, your company’s success in the first step of the internationalization process depends not only on starting from the right market, according to a feasible strategy, but also on who will be your representative or partner in the target market. Binding Partners® is Further on®’s program that helps you give the first step in the internationalization process, whether you seek to start your experience in Argentina or intend to conquer other markets.

Further on® has developed strategic alliances worldwide by setting up an important and outstanding network of manufacturing or distributing companies, academics and consulting firms with presence in America and the world. By taking part in the Binding Partners® program, these companies develop different business units to dynamise their portfolios, generate new business units and diversify markets through strategic alliances that provide safety and celerity.


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